“Jim I want to thank you for the incredibly fast and professional service in helping me with my Storage Facility Feasibility Study. The bank representative helping me in qualifying for the loan needed this study in order to move forward with my project.  We both were very impressed with the details and information you were able to provide for them in such a short period of time. Because of SPG’s  incredible due diligence  in the study I am happy to say that if it had not been for you and your staff I would not have been able to have gotten the loan I desperately needed, and now I can move forward with my new business.  I hope you will share my experience with others so they can experience the same great service and help I received. Thank you so much.”
Kevin E.
Owner, T.K. Valet, LLC

“Great work done on a very responsive timeline by top-level professionals. SPG delivered the highly comprehensive feasibility study with detailed results in about 4 weeks. Their research was impressive and very much exceeded our expectations! We will definitely use SPG again for future research needs.”
Gregg H.
CitraPac, Inc.

 “Jim proved to be just the right person to help us. We retained Strategic Performance Group to assist us with Feasibility Study on our hotel, that is being turned into an upscale nursing home. Jim was very involved in all issues and making sure we moved through the process smoothly. He was accessible, personable, and forthright at every point along the way. His wealth of wisdom in the field of consulting was invaluable. We highly appreciate your great  work, this a has been a game changer for us. Thank you Jim!”
Neal P. 
BW Plus Park Avenue

“Our non-profit organization contacted SPG because we needed a feasibility study performed for our project. Not only was the study completed faster than expected, and for less than others charge, the high quality of the study was a major reason our performing arts center was fully funded. I would not hesitate recommending SPG to anyone.”
Andrew N.
President, Noyes Fine Arts Foundation

  “Jim. I want to compliment you on the very comprehensive study. It is one of the best detailed studies I have witnessed over the years. The rationale and assumptions are very well presented and summarized. The appendices are very detailed and supported thru out. The study disciplines are excellent, consistent and well utilized throughout. The study presented was excellent in comparison with USDA guidelines and exceed the norms in detail. I look forward to working with you in future projects. I would also like to know if you provide business plans in conjunction with feasibility studies and or standalone plans. Or any other related services.”
Jim W.
Former USDA Director

“Great job on the feasibility study! I just wanted to say that the feasibility report was clear, concise and exactly the information we needed to make an informed decision on our new venture. Your demographics and market data were critical to us understanding each respective market. We appreciate the feedback and independent analysis and have great expectations as we build a customer base in the Chicago and LA/SF markets. We have additional locations that we are going to research for our refrigerated rail car service and would not hesitate to call you for another detailed market feasibility analysis.”
Randy M.
McKay TransCold

“We met, we reviewed, and we were very, very pleased.   Thank you for providing this service (customer survey) to us……very worthwhile.”
Wendy Y. 
Forest City Gear

“Jim, Thank you. I am so impressed by the work that SPG has done for us and the timeliness of our feasibility report for the banquet hall. This has been a wonderful experience for us. I would give you my highest recommendation. Also, we already have SBA approval.”
Amanda N.
Blue Haven

“Jim – can’t say enough about how well our project (competitor analysis) went. From our preliminary meetings where we set our objectives to the final report and your presentation to our Strategy Team, SPG met and exceeded my expectations. I really appreciated your communications and professionalism. Clearly the end product more then met our goals. Thanks again.”
Phil A.
Lowell, Inc

“I would like to let you know again that we are very pleased with the work that SPG did on our customer satisfaction surveys. The % of respondents far exceeded what we have received in the past when performing the survey process ourselves. We are also very impressed with the report furnished after the surveys were collected and analyzed. The presentation, amount of data, and improvement ideas in the report were very thorough. It was also an appropriate amount of data, and did not get buried in details, but focused on the most important highlights and improvement opportunities. We plan to use SPG next year for our customer survey process.”
Donald A.
Chandler Industries, Inc.

“I appreciate the great feasibility report on the Family Entertainment Center which did exceed my expectations. I’d also like to say that your keeping contact with me throughout your report preparation helped more than you know.”
Gary W.

“Jim was both personable and professional…his work was remarkably proficient, accurate…his presentation (feasibility study) helped my business gain very lucrative accounts and growth…I will utilize his services again without hesitation!” SPG provided Great Results, Expertise and High Integrity.
John W.
Lost Lagoon LLC

“Working with Strategic Performance Group LLC (SPG) has been one of the best experiences during our business development. This company knows how to treat a client, and outperforms all other services we experienced.  We received fast and reliable service with outstanding results.”
Brig B.
CEO, Andor

“It’s a pleasure working with Jim Sauer and SPG. SPG has conducted 3 Customer Satisfaction surveys and most recently a Customer Value Survey. Each survey resulted in highly detailed findings and recommendations, a very high return rate, always on time and at a competitive price. We consider these surveys a critical factor in measuring the satisfaction of our customers and we also incorporate the results into future training and coaching with our sales and customer service teams.”
Alexandra L.
Director of Sales Operations
Swarovski North America

“The Customer Survey is filled with an insightful Customer rating of the critical areas of our business. It will be the core element in our new Business Plan and a basis for improving our overall Customer Strategy. I particularly found the comparisons to our Competitors and the Customer Comments to be most informative. We have performed similar Customer Surveys in the past, with other resources , at a much greater cost, and did not find them to be as thorough or informative as the Survey provided by SPG. In this world of Global competitive Business, what could be more valuable than an accurate evaluation of our Customers perception of our business.”
Richard W.
TSI Graphics Inc.

“Jim Sauer and SPG did a fantastic job with our member research survey. Not only did Jim provide insight on the front end to develop a research tool that enabled us to get the information we needed, he did a great job of communicating with our organization throughout the process. He also did an outstanding job of presenting the results in a meaningful way to my board of high-level professionals. I highly recommend SPG to any organization looking to research its client base.”
Dara R.
Executive Officer
Minnesota Commercial Association of REALTORS®

“The market research project done for us by SPG was a success, providing pertinent market insight according to the goals and objectives, in a timely manner as promised. Wonderful work SPG !!”
Glenn H.
Director of Marketing & Sales
Mustad USA

“It was a pleasure to work with SPG on our customer satisfaction survey. They were organized, insightful, and met their deadlines without a hitch. Results were meaningful, comprehensive and well presented. It was evident that Jim Sauer is a professional with considerable knowledge and experience focused on continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and business plan development.”
Gloria R.
Executive Assistant & Fleet Manager
Customer Satisfaction Survey Team Leader
Midwest Sign & Screen Printing Supply Co.

The feasibility study that SPG conducted exceeded my expectations. When I presented your report, the developer indicated that our proposal “really set us apart from the hundreds of other proposals we received” for development. Thanks again and please come down when we open.
Philip W.
PC Cable Park

“Century College depends on solid market research. Utilization of this data, enables our college to better serve our students and the community. Strategic Performance Group LLC (SPG) is our ‘provider of choice.’ SPG provides a timely, professional and scientific approach to our planning and marketing needs.”
Mark V.
Century College

“SPG was thorough and responsive in managing our client satisfaction survey. A pleasure to work with. I am one satisfied client!”
Gabi K.
The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

“SPG has great insight into Customer Relationship Management and how best to approach customers for candid feedback. We chose SPG over several other firms because it is best to go to an expert in the field for assistance and we have been extremely satisfied that we did.”
Linda W.

“SPG tackled a very quick-turn, large phone survey into the difficult to reach healthcare IT market and provided us with meaningful, actionable data. From the initial market research objective review to the final presentation and report, SPG was extremely professional and produced on-time deliverables.”
Lynn S.
Ergotron, Inc.

“One of our agency’s key earned income divisions had experienced declining revenues for a few years. A Board member suggested a business review. We selected Jim Sauer and his firm, SPG who were highly recommended by our public accounting firm. We are so pleased that Jim and his team conducted this work! Not only did we receive strong analysis and solid recommendations, but I also had a confidant during the process. Work doesn’t stop while one waits for a review to determine next steps. Jim was with me all the way – sharing his early insights and guiding our decision-making so that when the review was complete, we were already moving forward. Jim helped us turn around a difficult situation and have a much more positive view of the future of this division. Of special note, Jim and his group don’t abandon a client when the job is complete. I still turn to him to bounce off ideas and share our progress.”
Carol R.
Executive Director,
Resources for Child Caring

“Every association needs to know what is on the minds of their members. The membership satisfaction survey SPG produced for PIANKO, was so comprehensive, we incorporated the results into our recruiting and retention plan!”
Tom C.
PIANKO – Printing Industries Serving Northern Kentucky and Ohio.

“Working with SPG was a pleasure. They did an excellent job and I would not hesitate to do business with them again.”
Jeff A.
Kinetic Portals, Inc.

“SPG did a great job on our key account survey, very thorough and professional, everything was right on schedule. I was particularly pleased that they suggested adding the Net Promoter Index (NPI) which, along with our basic survey score, we are embracing as part of our employee bonus program.”
Julie K.

“This has been a great experience and it very nice to work with such a professional company like SPG. Thanks for all the work.”
Steve O.

“Our customers were very impressed with the professionalism of the SPG surveyor”
Natalie E.
Image Processing Systems, Inc

“SPG was thorough, professional, and delivered what they promised.”
Ann T.
Designer Doors, Inc.

“SPG’s professionalism comes through with every survey result we receive – from putting our customers at ease to answer a detailed survey to compiling the data for analysis.”
Chris K.
Woodmeister Corporation

“For the past two years Marshall Manufacturing Company has utilized the services of SPG. We found SPG to be very experienced in assembling relevant questions for our clients, and the ability to connect with our customers to obtain the answers.”
Tom P.
Marshall Manufacturing Company

“SPG is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to doing business with them in the future.”
Derek C.
Boosters Fitness