Employee Survey

Strategic Performance Group, LLC (SPG) has completed numerous employee surveys for clients. To provide some perspective the following list describes projects that are representative of our capabilities. Our clients represent all types of organizations including large corporations, medium size companies, entrepreneurial start-ups, and non-profit organizations.

  • An internationally recognized leader in the replacement muffler industry was seeking to better understand the needs and concerns of its employees. An employee attitude survey was conducted by us and showed employee perceptions toward the client company. Issues of excessive overtime, work related scheduling and adequate technical training were brought to the forefront and subsequently resulted in an improved work environment and a reduction in personnel turnover.
  • An electrical supply distributor wanted to survey employees at each of their locations. The purpose was to assess employee attitudes, interdepartmental relationships including team building, communications, accountability, etc. Each of the company’s 18 locations was compared to each other to target areas for improvement. A second survey was completed two years later and those results reflected a marked increase in employee satisfaction especially in the area of individual accountability.
  • Leading franchiser of hair salons in the US was seeking feedback from franchisees and employees. Seven regions of the United States and Canada were compared to each other to determine effectiveness of regional personnel as well as the identification of areas for continuous improvement. Updated surveys are completed every two years to enable baseline tracking of performance.
  • Manufacturer of small electrical motors used in motion control and robotic equipment was seeking to implement a comprehensive training program for employees. With our assistance an employee survey was completed that shed light on the areas where training and development dollars could best be utilized.
  • Community bank was seeking an objective evaluation of its business, both from an internal and external perspective. As part of the process we administered an employee survey and the information from the survey was instrumental in uncovering the hidden barriers that were preventing the bank from reaching its goals. As a result of our analysis, we recommended a ten-point action plan (approved by the bank’s board) that was used by bank officers to further enhance the profitability of the bank and improve morale among employees.
  • A leader in the building maintenance industry was seeking an objective assessment of its company’s policies. With our assistance, an employee survey was conducted among all locations and the information broken down by each of the 22 managerial locations. Senior level management used the information to allow more decision-making authority at the director level. Short-term benefits included a 17.4% reduction in turnover among director level positions.
  • A regional marketer of premium bottled water was seeking to better understand the needs of employees through a confidential survey. With SPG’s assistance a questionnaire was designed that would provide important insights into employee performance and ways to improve the overall experience within the company. Results from the survey were used by company management to improve relationships and foster a more productive work environment.
  • A custom manufacturer of machined products wanted to receive objective and candid feedback from their employees. SPG conducted an employee survey for each of their two manufacturing facilities. Comparison of results was made between plants revealing a major difference in employee accountability resulting in a change in management at one of the facilities. Employee survey results are updated on an annual basis.