Market Survey

Strategic Performance Group LLC (SPG) has completed hundreds of market surveys for clients. To provide some perspective the following list describes projects that are representative of our capabilities. Our clients represent all types of organizations including large corporations, medium size companies, smaller companies, entrepreneurial start-ups and non-profit organizations.

  • High-end manufacturer of window treatments was interested in introducing a new line of products to the home interior market. A market survey was completed on a national basis with detailed breakouts by state. The information was used to determine the pricing for the new product along with regional variations. The product was successfully introduced as a result of using the price information. 
  • Comprehensive market survey on the construction industry in the United States was completed for a client to determine market trends and growth segments. The study incorporated secondary research of several market segments (residential, commercial and industrial) along with primary research (telephone interviews with over 175 architects, structural engineers and contractors). Information was used by client for determining the strategic allocation of investments for the next five years.  
  • Leading precision tool manufacturer wanted to assess the market to gauge the importance of several tooling features along with the perceptions of users regarding the strengths and weaknesses of several manufacturers. With SPG’s assistance a market survey of 300 companies that use machine tooling was completed. The results were used by the client to reposition its marketing strategy to take advantage of competitor weaknesses. 
  • Manufacturer of office furniture computer accessories wanted an independent review and assessment of the potential market for its product application in the healthcare industry. After conducting a market survey of over 300 decision makers within the industry, we recommended that the client commit significant capital investment to the project. As a result, sales volume targets were exceeded. 
  • Entrepreneur was seeking to gain access into the retail and foodservice industry with two innovative food products. After a market survey of over 200 prospective purchasers, a marketing plan was developed. Specific strategies were formulated to address market opportunities previously identified resulting in successful introduction of the product to food retailers, foodservice operators and caterers. 
  • Market share survey was completed for the leading U.S. manufacturer of a product used on remote sites. The market survey consisted of interviewing purchasers throughout the entire U.S. Information was used by client to develop a penetration strategy against key competitors in each region regarding their purchases and preferences.  Market shares were broken down by each of the six regions along with overall national market shares. 
  • Dental laboratory wanted a market study conducted of General Practitioners that also practice orthodontics. The purpose was to profile respondents in order to better understand the portion of revenue generated from ortho, the type of appliances used, the use of any new treatment modalities, etc. The client used the information to increase sales in this market segment. 
  • International trade association was seeking to assess market tends in five key market segments in which their members transacted business. As part of the market assessment SPG interviewed key executives to gain insights as to where they thought the market was going and the types of products that would be needed. As a result of our market survey with industry leaders, a new strategy was formulated by the trade association resulting in increased business activity. 
  • SPG was approached by a manufacturer and marketer of high speed digital imaging equipment for the purpose of assessing the market awareness of high-speed digital imaging, identifying key purchasing decisions and assessing the brand awareness of vendors and their preferences. Armed with this information the client was able to develop a marketing strategy that better positioned its products against competitors resulting in increased revenues. 
  • A market survey was conducted for a leading mechanical and electrical contractor to assess its market position including perceived strengths and weaknesses, customer loyalty and primary reasons for selecting contractors. Detailed findings of the survey revealed areas of opportunity for the client resulting in increased market share. 
  • The client was developing data privacy software to be used by Fortune 1000 companies and was seeking to validate its product application with CFO’s, Human Resource executives and IT professionals. An on line market survey hosted on SPG’s web site was used to acquire critical information regarding the product attributes most important to the target market. Armed with this information the software features were modified resulting in increased acceptance of the product. 
  • Product research of computer products used in factory automation and computer integrated manufacturing. An assessment was made of the relative value of products to users and system integrators through a market survey. Information was used to create a marketing strategy of how to position the product to customers. 
  • Competitive market survey was conducted for a software developer specializing in the agricultural industry. Information from the research was used to differentiate products and allowed client to leverage a key software feature as a competitive advantage and gain market share as a result of the implementation of the strategy. 
  • European-based client was seeking to enter a segment of the U.S. prepared food market. Market study included an in-depth review of growth trends including market shares for key competitors. The market survey included a review of all competitors, their strengths and weaknesses. Study included go/no go decision, formulation of market entry strategy and identification of prospective customers. 
  • Community bank was seeking an objective evaluation of its business and its corporate identity, both from an internal and external perspective. As part of the process, a market survey of 350 residents from the community was completed. Based on our analysis, we recommended a ten point action plan (approved by the bank’s board) that was used by bank officers to further enhance the profitability of the bank. 
  • Asian research institute was seeking to partner with a U.S. research firm to conduct a market survey of 1,000 high school students located throughout the U.S. SPG facilitated the process by recruiting participating high schools and compiling data for comparison to students from China, Korea and Japan. The program has proven so successful that an updated market survey of 1,000 students has been completed by SPG on an annual basis for several years. 
  • A leading manufacturer of tools and accessories used by farriers for hoofcare was seeking to acquire market share information on itself and its competitors along with changes in preferred brands used by farriers. A comprehensive telephone market survey of farriers in the U.S. and Canada was completed by SPG resulting in a shift in marketing strategy by the client. Annual updates are conducted to detect changes in the marketplace.  
  • Company was seeking to launch a new product into the consumer market. As part of the feasibility study, SPG conducted an online market survey of a representative group of 1,500 adults throughout the U.S. Of primary importance was to gauge the interest level for the product and the price points that were most likely to attract sufficient sales volume to exceed the break even point. Upon the completion of the feasibility study the client requested that SPG develop a business plan complete with 5 year projections for sales volume leading to the successful launch of the product.