Planning Projects

Strategic Performance Group, LLC (SPG) has completed a wide variety of planning projects for our clients. To provide some perspective about our capabilities and diversified interests, the following list describes projects that are representative of our planning capabilities. Projects and services undertaken by SPG have lasted from a few days to several months. Our clients represent all types of organizations including large corporations, medium size companies, entrepreneurial start-ups, and non-profit organizations.

  • Medical device manufacturer wanted to establish the strategic allocation of resources for a new division that would use existing channels of distribution. A strategic plan was established that resulted in the new division accounting for over 25% of total company revenue within three years.
  • A bank with dominant market share in its community wanted to develop a strategic plan. Working with the executive team and board of directors, a three year plan was completed that addressed key issues including Internet banking, debit card, branch locations, net interest income spreads and organizational structure.
  • A strategic marketing plan was constructed for a producer and processor of naturally produced food products. Plan included the strategy for launching product into retail and foodservice markets, as well as, input for a feasibility study for the construction of a processing plant.
  • Strategic plan and research survey for a homebuilder within the construction industry. Market research identified vulnerabilities of competitors and provided client with a strategy for entering new geographic territory. As a result of the strategy, sales increased over 35% annually.
  • Comprehensive business plan was developed for two entrepreneurs seeking to start-up a structural steel fabrication company. The plan included a thorough analysis of the industry including growth trends, market segmentation and competitors. As a result, $2 million was raised from investors for the business start-up.
  • Entrepreneurial manufacturer of disposable medical products was seeking to align its vision throughout the entire company from top to bottom. A strategic plan along with a balanced scorecard was developed and implemented to help foster a climate conducive to quality improvement efforts throughout the entire company.
  • Manufacturer of small electrical motors used in robotics for motion control was seeking development of its executive staff. Working with key executives SPG facilitated the development of a strategic marketing plan that was used to reposition the product line for increased revenue generation.
  • A strategic plan was prepared for a start-up cooperative in the agricultural industry. Issues addressed included financing, membership, staffing, board structure, marketing and communications. External analysis included an in depth review of identity preservation, supply-chain consolidation, global influences, biotech and organic production.
  • A manufacturer of concrete products was seeking to further improve its leading position in its regional market. Research conducted on contractors, architects and engineers was used as input into the creation of a marketing plan. In addition to a detailed strategic overview, the marketing plan contained a positioning statement with related execution strategies to differentiate the client from other manufacturers.
  • State chapter of a highly recognized national health organization wanted to establish a strategic plan for its membership. With our assistance a plan was developed and implemented that resulted in its becoming a model chapter for other state chapters.
  • Entrepreneur was seeking to identify market opportunities for value added lamb products in the upper Midwest. Interviews were conducted with grocery retailers and foodservice operators. The information was used to create a strategic marketing plan of how to position the product to prospective customers resulting in incremental sales to the enterprise.
  • A start-up company in the aluminum industry was seeking to validate its business plan assumptions regarding the construction of a 200,000+ sq. ft. facility. As part of the feasibility study and business plan development, SPG performed a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). As a result of the feasibility study and business plan the bank granted the required financing and the plant was built. The company has successfully entered the marketplace and is operating profitably.
  • Company was seeking to launch a new product into the consumer market. Before preparing a business plan to gain financing, a feasibility study was completed. Of primary importance was to gauge the interest level for the product and the price points that were most likely to attract sufficient sales volume to exceed the break even point. The business plan including 5 year projections for sales volume was completed, leading to the successful launch of the product.
  • Entrepreneur was seeking to establish a sporting related business in Spain. With our assistance a feasibility study was conducted of Americans to ascertain the interest level. An on line market survey was conducted of 350 Americans targeting specific profile characteristics. The results of the market survey indicated a significant interest in the proposed business leading to the development of a business plan by SPG to acquire $3 million of financing for the project.
  • An entrepreneur with two U. S. patents on a unique way of processing whole grains was seeking a market feasibility study and a business plan to acquire funds for the new business venture. With SPG’s assistance, a market survey consisting of interviews in the retail, foodservice and food processing markets was completed resulting in a “GO” decision. As a follow-up, a business plan was developed by SPG and used for venture financing.
  • Manufacturer of disposable medical products was seeking to align its vision throughout the entire company from top to bottom. A strategic plan along with a balanced scorecard was developed and implemented to help foster a climate conducive to quality improvement efforts throughout the entire company.
  • A cooperative consisting of pork producers was seeking to determine the industry potential for its products within its regional market area. Upon completion of the market study, a business plan was prepared that included specific strategies. The information was subsequently used as part of a feasibility study for the construction of a pork processing plant.