Customer Surveys

Objective and candid feedback from your customers can provide useful information toward continuous improvement of those quality indicators that customer’s value most. Customer satisfaction surveys are the best way of obtaining customer feedback. By employing SPG’s years of customer survey expertise, the end result is an improved bottom line and greater customer retention.

Customer Survey Process

  • Survey Design
    Once SPG understands your objectives for the survey, we comb through our database containing hundreds of questions to select those that are most appropriate relative to your objectives. Typically, this includes questions about sales representation, product quality, customer service, shipping and delivery, invoicing, etc. After the first draft of the questionnaire is prepared you have an opportunity to review it and provide us with feedback so that the questionnaire can be modified. Once final approval of the questionnaire is given, it is then distributed.
  • Methodology
    The method of distribution (mail survey, on-line survey, fax, telephone survey, etc.) is dependent upon your specific situation and needs. SPG will provide advice on methodology to be used, respondent notification of the survey, response rates, targeted completion date, etc. so that the entire process is streamlined and easy to administer resulting in minimal preparation time required by client company.
  • Analysis and Reporting
    Once the data is compiled it is then analyzed to determine the implications for the client company. The report includes an executive summary complete with specific recommendations and priorities for improvement. Benchmarking of results to SPG’s “Best of Class” index is included. ‘What separates SPG from other market research and consulting companies is our unique ability to translate information gathered from customer surveys into clear and concise action steps for client management.
1st place is the only place to be with your customers. 1st place is the only place to be with your customers.

Benchmark Indicators

There are several categories in which SPG has developed benchmarks. This information contained in our proprietary database is based on a composite of the 100 most recent customer satisfaction surveys conducted by SPG. The database contains information that ranges from the lowest to the highest rating along with the mean and the average rating for each indicator. The index is divided equally between manufacturing and service companies representing a broad base of American businesses in most industries.

Distributor or Dealer Surveys

Often times there are a need for a sales link between a company and its customers. This vital link can be either a distributor or dealer of your products. Distributors or dealers have first hand knowledge of the market place since they are on the front line when dealing with consumers of your products or services.

Surveying distributors or dealers can provide companies with insights that typically cannot be ascertained when surveying consumers. Highly satisfied distributors or dealers can make the difference between exceeding sales quotas vs. losing market share to competitors. Call SPG for further information about distributor or dealer surveys.

Customer Survey Results