Market Surveys

A market survey is an excellent tool for judging acceptance/interest level in a new product, service or under consideration. A market survey is conducted by telephone, on-line or mail to gain objective feedback from a target audience of respondents. Applying SPG’s years of market survey experience, we can design a survey tool that yields conclusions based on a high level of confidence.

Reasons for doing a market survey include:

  • Gauge interest level in a product or service before committing funds to the project.
  • Gain insight into the advantage of your product or service over that of competitors.
  • Understand what product or service features are of most value to prospective customers.
  • Determine the satisfaction level of your customers vs. competitors’ customers in a blind survey.
  • Generate a targeted list of potential new customers.
Markets can be puzzling but SPG can help find the missing piece. Markets can be puzzling but SPG can help find the missing piece.

If your business is lacking the insight of the marketplace to make a sound decision, you may be missing a critical piece of information that can make or break a new product introduction or project. SPG can formulate the questions that must be answered before moving forward. The answers to both quantitative and qualitative questions must be compiled and reported in such a manner that it minimizes the risk, should a decision be made to move forward.

Market Survey Results