Organizational Effectiveness

Out performing the competition requires a well coordinated organizational effort. A highly motivated and productive staff is a key essential.

Employee Surveys

Understanding employee attitudes via anonymous employee surveys is a non threatening way for employees to voice their opinions. Information from a survey can be useful in developing accountability, improving communications, enhancing productivity and structuring reward systems. SPG’s database contains over 3,000 questions that have been tried and proven in thousands of employee surveys. In addition, we can benchmark your results against similar organizations for comparison purposes.
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Productivity Tracking

Gain performance improvement and improve employee morale through setting clear and defined productivity expectations and then tracking/monitoring results. The only appropriate way to staff a business unit is to know what each FTE should contribute and to have a means of measuring this production.
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Project Management and Work Planning

If you are planning to start a new project, launch a new product or service or expand a current offering, you have either started with a project work plan or need help creating a work plan. A work plan encompasses multiples tasks, includes targeted dates for execution or deliverables and allows for the facilitation and delegation of responsibilities that would otherwise be difficult to organize and manage.
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