Employee Surveys

Reasons for Conducting Employee Surveys

There are several reasons to conduct a confidential employee survey including:

  • Identify situations that need attention.
  • Measure the impact of changes within an organization.
  • Improve communications between management and employees.
  • Provide anonymous bottom-up feedback to managers.

Our database contains over 3,000 questions that have been tried and proven in employee surveys giving us the capability to customize the employee survey to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Time is money so keep employees motivated and not moving in circles. Time is money so keep employees motivated and not moving in circles.

Employee Survey Process

  • Survey Design
    Once SPG Consulting understands your objectives for the employee survey, we comb through our list of over 3,000 questions to select those that are most appropriate relative to your objectives. Typically, this includes questions from several categories. After the first draft of the questionnaire is prepared you have an opportunity to provide additional feedback. Once final approval of the questionnaire is given, it is then distributed to employees.
  • Distribution
    The method of distribution (mail, intra company mail, on-line, fax, etc.) is dependent upon your specific situation and needs. SPG Consulting will provide advice on methodology to be used, respondent notification of the survey, response rates, targeted completion date, etc. so that the entire process is streamlined and easy to administer resulting in minimal preparation time required by client company.
  • Analysis and Reporting
    Once the data is compiled it is then analyzed to determine the implications for the client company. The report includes an executive summary complete with specific recommendations. What separates us from other research companies is our unique ability to translate information gathered from employee surveys into clear and concise action steps for client company management.
  • SPG 100 Employee Performance Index
    Your results are compared to our proprietary SPG 100 Employee Performance Index. SPG Consulting will index your company’s performance to a composite of the 100 most recent companies for whom we have conducted employee surveys. This comparison is not only insightful but provides an opportunity to better understand where “performance gaps” exist between your company and other companies.