Strategy Formulation

Out strategizing the competition requires a well thought out plan. SPG can review your current business using a SWOT analysis and develop a strategy that creates sustainable competitive advantage. Or, if you are an entrepreneur starting a new business, we can create a business plan that will assist you in accessing the capital markets for financing. SPG provides the following services for formulating strategy.

Business Plans

A comprehensive Business Plan, designed for start-up businesses, will greatly increase your chances for success in your business venture and open the door to capital markets. SPG can construct the entire business plan which includes industry specific market trends, competitor profiles, marketing strategy and back-up financials.
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Strategic Planning

Successful companies create the future through effective strategic planning. Our staff has years of hands-on practical experience in business, having gained and honed those skills while employed in the planning departments at a few of the most prominent and successful Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. Our planning staff has logged a combined total of over 200 years of business experience. We can help you formulate a strategic plan that fits your company mission and leverage your core competencies.
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Business Unit Reviews

Business and operational reviews are a very useful process for established businesses that want to evaluate the performance of the company or division. From a totally objective perspective, our team of professionals can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business and offer recommendations on its strategic fit. We look at all options available to the business and offer the solution that is best suited for the long term success of the organization.
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